Eating for Energy


Eating for Energy

If you're like me, you can never have enough energy for the day!  Between kids, work and a spouse, it's a constant cycle of go-go-go!  What can you do to help boost your energy?  Let's take a look at the most popular culprits below... 

Contributors to lack of energy:

*Dehydration ~ Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily. 

*Anemia ~ See your doctor to determine whether you have anemia and how to treat it.

*Skipping breakfast ~ Skipping meals lowers your metabolism.

*Large lunches ~ Large meals force your body to use energy stores for digestion. Eat smaller, more frequent meals to keep your energy level consistent.

*Poor meal composition ~ A good mix of complex carbs, protein and fat ensures slower digestion with an even distribution of blood sugar levels and a constant supply of energy.

*Severe caloric restriction ~ A good rule of thumb is to maintain 10 times your body weight in calories.

*Caffeine dependence ~ Limit caffeine consumption to two drinks a day.

Living close by to gyms and parks can also help.  If you're in the market for a new location, contact me today!